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Just Enough in the Land of Plenty-Finding Life to the Full

Life to the full

Several years ago a friend shared some wisdom that she had heard in regards to eating healthy food and portion control. It was simple, "take just enough." Just enough. Those words have stuck with me over the years and for some reason I've been thinking on them more regularly. While those words were meant for portion control in our mindset towards food, I've been challenged to apply them to every part of my life. It's a struggle to admit that I usually want more, but here's what I'm learning from the Holy Spirit and God's Word right now.

Why do I always want more when I've had life to the full?

More finances, even when every need is met.

More time alone, cause I always feel like there's never enough.

More quality time with my husband even though he works from home and we are completely spoiled with seeing each other for most meals.

More things cleaned, or work done at the end of the day instead of being thankful and satisfied with what we DID accomplish that day.

More food than is necessary--because I'm addicted to feeling "full" instantly instead of patiently waiting for satiation to hit.

More dreams to come true--even though God's fulfilled my prayers of getting to stay at home, owning a home, and living in a place of adventure with precious kiddos.

More strength even though I was given enough for this moment.

More impact, even though God continues to use me right where my feet are planted.

More sleep.

More grace.


I want more.

We Were Made For More, Life to the Full

While I tend to naturally lean towards a heart of thanksgiving and constant praise (I'm annoyingly optimistic, just ask my family lol), I still have moments and days where I struggle with my own desires of the flesh for the things of this earth. However, I always come back to the truth (eventually) that this world is not my home, even though I want to make it super comfortable while I'm here. The truth is that this world is not our home. We want more cause we're made for MORE, and we keep trying to fill that bank account, that tummy, that need for 'control', that friend circle, that brain, that closet, that garage, that cupboard with more than what we actually need! We feel this way because we are wired for fullness! However, this is not a fullness that anything on earth can satisfy. Jesus came to give us life to the FULL! Not a "just enough" life, a life to the FULL! Life to the full begins with realizing the gift of all the "just enough" corners in your life. Praise Him for your "just enoughs!"

Jesus came to give us life abundantly (John 10:10).

Abundantly in the Greek is, "perissos" which means, "going beyond, full, more than, completely, no need."

Full?! No Needs?! Don't I need more sleep in order to function my best for you, Lord? Don't I need more finances in order to make a greater impact for your name, Jesus? Are you sure I don't need more time alone because I feel like I'm about to run around the block like a crazy person?! (Side note-just this last week I had to go in the garage and scream for a second because I was going insane! Of course my husband heard me then giggled and mentioned something like, “Is that all you got? Feel better?” Haha! Yes, why, yes I did feel better even though I didn't get more than a second of alone time.) Any ways…here’s what God’s been teaching me through His Word my whole life…over and over...again and again...

"While all of these things are good, Megan, you really need Me, and "just enough" of these. When you seek Me you'll find a spiritual fullness that surpasses anything this world has to offer. Haven't you noticed that even when you take more, or receive more, that eventually your satisfaction fades, and there's a new desire in your flesh? I've given you just enough for this moment. Trust me.

Whoa. Forgive me, Lord.

Life to the full with God

God's People Were Given Just Enough and Had Life to the Full

The Israelites know what it's like to rely on the Lord for exactly what they need each day. When they were in the wilderness they were told to take "just enough" food each morning. They woke up to heavenly bread on the ground and gathered what they needed ONLY for that day. The consequence for taking more than they needed was that the bread would go bad. I've never had to trust God at this level with literal "daily bread." I've always had something to eat within arm's reach in my home. I have had to trust God for strength, grace, energy, joy, peace, and wisdom among other things each day, or even every five minutes. While I can often worry about not having enough of _________ for the week, I am learning that God's grace is sufficient for each moment. I have to stop thinking and wanting to live in the future. His grace and provision is for right NOW! God has given us everything we need to live holy and pure lives (2 Peter 1:3). We may not have all we want, but we certainly have all we need in order to live for Him. Over the years my needs have changed, but God's faithfulness hasn't. I am blessed to know God and be living most of my days with a feeling of fullness of joy because of Him. Other days when life is heavy, I have to return to trusting that God will give me just enough for that moment/person/season/situation.

Life to the full with Jesus

So Why Do I Still Feel Like Life is Lacking Sometimes?

Pride and selfishness. Why do I still have moments where I feel that what I have, or what I am is not enough? It's often because I've been distracted by comparison with others, and my pride has been checked somehow. Truth be told, it's also because I'm a selfish being! I want what I want when I want it! I need to remember that I don't FULLY KNOW all that I need, but my Father does. If I had perfect sleep and energy for my job each day I wouldn't be reaching out to Him as often as I am. I would be tempted to think that I am in control of it all and put myself on the throne instead of Him. When I'm living each day with my eyes on heavenly things, life is so full! When I take my eyes off of Christ, His goodness, and His truth, I stumble. I start comparing, striving too hard, and most importantly I start thinking about, "me, me, me." This world is not our home. There should always be some degree of longing in our hearts for the things of heaven. Remembering to seek Christ through His Word, prayer, and community with believers keeps my spirit full in a way that the things of this earth NEVER will. Lord, help me to put pride and selfishness to death so that I can rest in your fullness and trust that You are all I truly need. I'm sorry for often forgetting that YOU are all I need.

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