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Can A Loaf of Bread Change the World?

Bread given in Jesus' name can change the world

Let's get to the heart of this one quickly: anything given in Jesus' name is a holy act of worship and has the potential to be used in a miraculous way. Do you actually believe that? A prayer, a hug, a gift, an act of service, and dare I offer--a loaf of bread given in Jesus' name can have transforming power in hearts. We see this played out ALL throughout the Bible! (The boy with his little lunch in John 6, the widow's offering in Mark 12, the woman who poured perfume on Jesus' feet in Matthew 26, and so on). For me it's bread. Bread--it's all that I have to give some days. A measly loaf of bread to give in Jesus' name. However, I'm learning over and over again that God can take my little acts of compassion, service, and generosity through a loaf of bread and use them. Isn't that we are all striving for--to be used by God? I want to know that I'm making a difference outside of my family--but sometimes all I have to give is a simple loaf of bread. Is it enough? Does it even matter? I'm starting to believe that it does.

Feeling empty with nothing left to give

Have you ever been in a season when you desperately want to be involved, serve, or give radically, but you feel as if you're running on empty? You want to give, but feel as though you have nothing to offer because your home-life requires every ounce of leadership, grace, compassion, time, money, and energy. That has been the last few months for me. I literally just had to stop writing this post to go snuggle and nurse a little baby who I can tell is starting to fight a cold as we speak, and while I'm lying down nursing him I'm listening to my asthmatic daughter cough it up next door. Sickness, running this household, homeschooling, and a husband that God has blessed with a booming ministry which requires lots of hours has me pouring out all that I have to my family! Everything. While I don't want to be completely focused inward on my family (because I want to radically love my neighbor, or at least be able to look up at them more often instead of having my head buried down in my own family) this is the reality of where things are at. My tribe needs all of me right now. How then, can I "look like love" to those outside my home in such a season as this...?

Making bread for others can change the world

Simple Generosity Can Change the World

Bread. It's something I'm making for my family already. I know, it sounds a little ridiculous to be making homemade bread when the rest of life is overwhelming and the daily demands seem endless. Why, is it even worth it? For some reason there's a simple joy and a fulfillment in my spirit when I'm able to make bread for my family. A bread that doesn't hurt the tummies of those of us who struggle with gluten. A bread that makes my kids light up when they see it being made. A bread that I can take pride in and feel good about serving my family. It's a sense of accomplishment, truly. Keeping the sourdough starter alive and ready to make bread, then rising early to get it baking before the household wakes is so satisfying.

Give whatever God has given you in your hands

A friend once told me long ago to look at whatever I have in my hands, whatever I have in my home, and whatever I have in my heart, and then give from there. So, since I'm making bread for my family each week, why not throw in an extra loaf to bless another family? I may not have the time to serve in children's ministry with a new baby on my hip, the money to host multiple families for dinner weekly, or the energy to organize a neighborhood mom's get together like I want to, but I have bread.

Can it be enough?

Is it even worth it?

Does a simple loaf really make a difference?

Why is this all that I have to give right now when I've been able to give SO much more in the past?

Giving Joyfully Can Change the World

Years before having kids, heck, even just a couple years ago when I only had a few kids, I was able to give towards so much more ministry outside of our home. That is not the case right now. God has made it clear in multiple ways over and over again that the "work" I'm doing inside our home is where I need to be grounded. Yes, I am able to do a few things outside of our home, but not anywhere near the pace of the past. Especially during these first few months of the year when my husband's work is super heavy, I need to be fully present. Back to bread. A few months ago when I was learning to make sourdough bread for my family I realized how much joy and fulfillment it gave me to offer this labor of love and sustenance to my loved ones. I wanted to share that joy, so I started giving some away. I'd make three loaves each week. Then I'd wrap one up and ask the Lord to show me who I should bless that week. I started getting excited to give in this way, even though at first it felt so small! God has shown me a new way to bless those around me, and make them feel loved and seen.

Little Gifts Given in Jesus' Name Are Actually Grand

Food is life. We all need it. What a blessing to have it! What a privilege to be able to give It! I've noticed the love that people feel when a loaf is sent their way. Whether it's a special treat for them and they are joyous, or whether they have tears in their eyes because they feel "seen" after walking through a painful loss. What an honor to provide in this way. Something I thought that wasn't much of an offering to others in the name of Jesus is proving to have deeper value. Isn't that the way Jesus moves though? Taking little things and little people and giving them great value when they are tied to His name. He changes our perspective, both the giver and the receiver. Like the little boy who brought Jesus his bread that ended up feeding thousands, I'm learning that this simple sourdough loaf in my hands is feeding more than bellies. Jesus is using it to express His love and compassion, and to help people to feel valued and seen. Any gift given in the name of Jesus, even bread, is grand.

A Challenge to Practice Radical Generosity

My husband and I don't often share what we give in the name of Jesus because it's between us and the Lord. We don't want anyone to think higher or lower of us, and we sure as heck don't want to come across as boastful. So why am I sharing about all this bread giving? I really just wanted to share this "bread" testimony to encourage moms in my same circumstance, that whatever they have to offer before the Lord is of value. Some days, weeks, and months it might just be serving your family. You're never "just" serving your family. THAT'S HUGE! Serving your family is a true act of worship and sacrifice! Dying to self in order to love the little people in your home is holy worship! Some days you may have a little extra energy to invite someone into your home even though you're tired and weary, or feed someone in need with the money God's given you to steward, or maybe you're like me this last month and you find yourself making loaf after loaf praying that it will make a difference. Whatever you have to give, that's enough. If by chance God is asking you to give more than you have, trust Him in that, too. He hears those prayers for strength and energy. He knows your heart. Don't wait till you have the energy, time, money, or resources to give generously. Give out of what you've been given now. Radical generosity isn't about how big the gift is. It's about giving generously and radically out of what you already have! Like the widow in scripture that only gave a few cents but it was considered a great offering because it was all she had--trust that God will replenish you and continue to offer yourself fully, emptied out, in His name.

Conclusion-Bread Can Change the World

Do small things with great love. For me, that's baking and gifting bread.

In this way you'll shine His light and look like love.

Looking like love (ie. looking like Christ) brings light and hope to a hurting world.

Thus, I find that a loaf of bread CAN change the world.

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