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6 Reasons You Shouldn't Homeschool

Updated: Feb 6

you shouldn't homeschool if you're afraid of public school

1.You're Afraid of Public School

Making a decision based solely upon fear is neither wise nor biblical. I remember when we were stressing, praying, discussing, and contemplating homeschooling almost a decade ago. I was not homeschooled so it was a foreign concept to me, and I was certain I was going to mess my kid up. (Let's be honest, they are gonna be a bit messed up being raised by broken humans no matter WHAT school option you pick!) There was a season where I just couldn't comprehend sending my precious daughter to school for fear of what might happen. I was afraid that she would lose her innocence and child-like joy in the process of trying to keep up with the drama and worldliness around her. However, the real enemy is Satan, not public school. I'm so thankful I heard this line all those years ago, "don't homeschool out of fear." Fear is not going to fuel the passion you need for the difficult and mundane days of homeschooling. While fear can often be a great motivator, it's not a great sustainer in this instance.

you shouldn't homeschool if you love control

2. You Love Control

Nothing has made me feel more out of control in this life than homeschooling. I'm not saying that our homeschool life is chaotic (well, not every day) but rather there is such a need for flexibility, changing teaching styles, learning learning styles, and constant submission to the Spirit and adjusting that I can often feel completely overwhelmed and out of control. What I thought our homeschool would look like is so far removed from actual reality. Being out of control is actually a great place to be--for when we relinquish control to our Heavenly Father and humbly hand over our homeschool to Him we can find security there that no amount of "earthly control" will grant us. Honestly, it's when I try to take control instead of letting God show me and my children what He has planned for our homeschool that everyone is miserable, including myself. It's hard to repent after realizing I'm trying to do all things on my own rather than submit to His Greater Plan. The seat of 'surrender' is a great place to dwell for us control freaks.

3. You Struggle with Selfishness

Every mom has had to learn how to put the needs of her children before her own needs since the genesis of motherhood. It started at infancy when your child would cry in the middle of the night. Rather than ignoring your newborn baby because you're sleep deprived and frozen from fatigue, you find yourself getting out of bed to serve, protect, and care for that sweet newborn baby. While motherhood is definitely a sacrifice, in my short experience, homeschooling has been the ultimate 'death to self' journey. There are many reasons you shouldn't homeschool and "death to self" is by far the greatest reason. I've had to learn to be selfless with my time, attention, attitude, personal space, possessions, my desired noise level, and even my preferred state of cleanliness. This is my children's one childhood--they will remember how often I set my projects and plans down for them to look away from my phone and into their eyes, help them find a solution for a problem, and mostly they'll remember how I made them feel. I pray they can see my growth towards selflessness and know without a doubt that I strove to love Jesus first, then them, and then myself. Homeschooling is such a refining work for us mamas!

you shouldn't homeschool if you want a tidy house all the time

4. You Like a Clean House...At All Times

This is my child's only childhood. I have to remind myself this truth regularly. While I love order and less visual noise--I want my kids to know and feel that I love them more than stuff. They need space to make memories, build science projects, create, and get messy--playing is how kids learn! While a classroom has order, teachers need to be intentional in allowing wonder and curiosity to reign. I want my kids to remember that homeschool brought lots of laughter, comfort, and wonder. On the days I feel like I'm being harsh or too bossy about picking up or getting messy I try and tell myself, "say yes to everything you can." Often we say no to activities or ideas our kids might have because of the mess and work it will take to clean it all up. What's the point of homeschooling if our children feel like they can't breathe in their own home? If we have a desire for perfect homes with children doing boring worksheets all day and never making a creative mess, then we are in desperate need of a homeschool awakening! I love the quote, "Homes are for expression, not impression."

5. You Don't Like to Learn

Did you get good grades in high school and college? Awesome! Those are no good here! Honestly those grades might be a tad bit helpful, but homeschooling demands constant adaptation and a dedication to learning. You get to teach a new grade every year, with "newish" kids figuring out their learning styles while trying to mesh it with your teaching style. Humility is the key to being a life long learner. If I've learned anything in homeschooling, it has been how to die to self as well as see new ways my pride rears its head. We are all learning every day--no matter what career we choose. There is a simple joy to be seized which comes from being challenged and discovering new concepts and skills throughout our lives. Being a learner isn't just a homeschool thing, it's a lifelong way of living that us as Believers should be putting into practice.

you shouldn't homeschool if you think it will save your kid

6. You Believe it Will Save Your Kid

Save your kid's innocence. Save your kid's mind. Save your kid's soul. Let's get one thing clear--homeschool is not our god. There's only one God. Homeschooling might give your child a little more freedom and protection for awhile, but ultimately our kids will one day have to face this broken world and wrestle with it. While this homeschooling is an incredible gift, it is NOT our savior. Only Jesus saves. When we elevate this method too high we run the risk of great failure and disappointment. We are raising little sinners, they are gonna sin. And mama, you aren't so great yourself--you need the cross of Christ just as much. Be careful not to put your hope for your children's salvation in any particular mode. Nothing saves, other than a faithful commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and savior.

Conclusion-there are several reasons you shouldn't homeschool

At one time or another I've believed in and/or struggled with all of these ideas. Choosing to homeschool has been a hard yet beautiful road for me as a mom. I still have a lot I struggle with, but I've also grown so much as disciple of Christ. While I used to be dead set against homeschooling (because I didn't believe that we would be able to "shine our light" to this dark world without being in public school) God has shown me He can use us in ways I never thought possible to minister to the world around us. Basically everything I thought I wouldn't be doing as a mom, I am doing. Go figure. But honestly, that's how it should be--we should be constantly growing and changing to look more like Christ and following in His ways. He's in control. He's King. I wanna look like love in every facet of my life, bringing Him all the glory and honor and praise. He's the reason we're homeschooling. And if one day we need to stop, it will be because of His leading. For now, we homeschool on.

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Hilda Vermillion
Hilda Vermillion
Jan 27, 2023

Spot on! Especially it being their only childhood! Wish I had your blog when my son was small. What a great reminder to savor the moments.

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