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Signs That You're Raising Buddy The Elf--Raising Loud and Joyful Boys

What's it like to be the mom of Buddy the Elf? Welp, lucky for me the Lord decided to bless me with a joyful and energetic boy that very much resembles Will Ferrell's character, "Buddy," from the movie, Elf. Although some days my ears are tired and I struggle to keep up with my little elf's energy, I am spoiled to get to be his mom and I am loving raising this boy. I learn so much from my son. When I tell people it's like raising, "Buddy the Elf," everyone giggles because they know it's true. Do you ever wonder if you're raising a "Buddy the Elf?" Here's some signs to look for if you think you are!

Raising boys with big joy

Buddy the Elf Has Unbreakable Joy

My Buddy skips through life with an unbreakable joy! He can be downcast and hurt one minute, and the next he's bouncing and giggling all over again! This also means that you can talk sternly to him and punish him with timeouts galore but he'll just keep his spirits up as you carry him to time out! It doesn't matter if you're being serious, he will just grin at you and smile his mischievous grin to let you know he loves you and he knows you love him and that he knows this "talking to" will soon be over and he will be able to get back to his rounds of casting smiles and unbreakable joy everywhere he goes. Even when I've yelled, "Buddy, please stop kissing the baby's face!" he just responds with, "okay mom!" and a huge grin across his face--no shame at all. Oh what a joy it is to be lifted up continually by this sweet Buddy's jovial spirits.

Raising boys who love sugar

Buddy the Elf Sure Loves His Sugar

If you know anything about Buddy the Elf, you know that he indulges when it comes to sugar! My little buddy is the same! He LOVES when he gets to have a special treat on special days. He even teases me that "he's going to go eat some more sugar" because he knows we are pretty strict and try to limit it. Just the other day he was a little ham and looked me straight in the eye while drinking his water bottle (which I couldn't see through) and said, "mmmm, this is yummy coke. I love my coke," to which I of course said, "where did you get that?" Then I realized that little mischievous twinkle was happening in his eye and that he had gotten me! He loves his sugar, and he loves pulling my leg!

Raising boys who love to talk

Buddy Says Everything That Comes Into His Head

With our little Buddy you never have to wonder what he's thinking because every thought that enters his head comes straight out of his mouth. For instance, getting him dressed to go outside might sound a little something like this, "oh you're getting my coat on, man that zipper is a little hard, you're putting my shoes on mom, oh watch my dance, I can't wait to go outside, just gotta get this last shoe on, wow that's a tough one, oh nice you tied that fast! You're coming too, aren't you, mom?" Honestly, I can even remember years ago changing his diaper before he was potty-trained and he would lay there and tell me, "you're doing a great job, mom!" Well thank you my son, I'm glad I can wipe your butt so well among the other things I "get" to do in life. Ha! If he stops talking we know something is wrong! Our little Buddy's mouth is like a rushing river that never dries up! Some days the water is calm, but it's still flowing! Some days the water is rushing everywhere and you're just trying to ride the current and get a word in! Maybe that's why we knew we wanted another baby, or needed another one so that Elijah could have someone to talk to all day! Tee hee hee!

Raising boys with big emotions

Buddy the Elf Has Really BIG Emotions

If Buddy is hurt you are gonna know it! He hollers just as loud no matter the severity of the injury. Whether it's a finger prick or stitches needed you're bound to hear his high pitched shrill. If he's feeling down, even for a second, you're gonna see that lip pout come out. It's so huge you could use it as a shelf. His happy is just as huge. Like how his excitement for being able to hop on one foot is equally as ecstatic as when he caught his first fish! He's goofy and fun and wants to let the world know how he's feeling. Get ready, world!

Buddy the Elf Is Naive to Personal Space

Buddy's love for people is so big! He wants to hug and love everyone because his heart is so ready to give--but he's still learning how to "read a room" or know when someone needs "personal space." According to the mom mentors in my life it's going to be a while till any of my sons have mastered personal space. Let's be honest, sometimes I can explode like the raccoon in this picture and holler, "I love you but get off me, get off the baby, buddy please give everyone some space!" As soon as I do though, I see his sweet smiley face and sigh. He's just got a huge heart to share with the world. He longs for closeness. Something grand is planned for his life, this I know!

Buddy the Elf Brightens Up Every Room, Even Our Chaotic Van

Buddy brings light and joy with him everywhere, even into our full-of-life mini van! He can make any job or meaningless task seem fun and exciting! He loves to be a part of a team (like our family) and works energetically with his happy attitude. It infects us all. We often need to be inspired by his attitude to encourage us to change ours! A simple drive to the neighbor's house and back (which is one block) means I might turn around to see this sweet face staring back at me because how else do you ride down the street but in "full lounge" style lying on the floor. While I was just focused on running the errand to our neighbors and back, my little Buddy was looking for ways to have fun and enjoy the ride. Our little Buddy knows how to turn the simplest journeys into a jolly opportunity for fun! This is our one life, let's smile and have fun while we do the things that need done! I need to live out the wisdom my little Buddy already has!

I hope you enjoyed getting a little taste of what it's like to be raising a little boy that shares the energy and pure heart of Buddy the Elf. It's amazingly exhausting and such a privilege! Who is the Buddy the Elf in your life? I hope I can bring joy to my friends and family like my little guy does just by living his life full of joy and on purpose!

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